Ted Checks’ rap sheet of his life proves that you can’t keep a good man down, although, the song “Man of
Constant Sorrow” echoes off the mountains of Northern California.  As the son of a Yugoslavian emigrant
who at the age of 18 jumped on a seagoing freighter, toured the world working as a machinist and
eventually tool/die maker.   Dad, ---- Czechak changed his name to “Check” (no one could pronounce
“Czechak”) soon settled down on 140 acres 78 miles north of Reno, Nevada.  Now littered with the
equipment remnants of a logging industry that for all intentions does not exist anymore. The area’s
primary industry now is the housing of criminal types, which son Ted Check managed to avoid being a
Dad Czechak was murdered, Mom died when he was in his early teens, Ted has been stabbed, shot, lost
fingers, burnt and cut off, had a heart attack and had major back surgery. He has been burned out of his
home on three different occasions and while serving his country, 347 days were spent in the stockade for
having a little too much fun. (No sense of humor in the military)  The ultimate “SURVIVOR” Ted has
had 4 rollovers in his pick-up and numerous tip-overs in “Ole Paint”.  There were six wrecks in other
vehicles as a passenger, which proves that he is a better driver than his friends.  “I swear Ossifer alcohol
had nothing to do with any of these asshidents” Add in logging skidder roll-overs and
YYYYAAHHHOOOOO rides off the side of mountains on a D7 Cat, you will understand why the strongest
muscle Ted has is the anal sphincter.  After all of this Ted proudly states, “But, I’ve only been married
Much of Ted’s’ experience and inherited skill at building/rebuilding log trucks, custom pickups has been
earned the old fashioned way.  One example was a 1969 Nova drag car named “Riff Raff” that weighed
3400 lbs, manual 4-speed with 14-inch wrinkle wall tires and turned elapsed times in the low 10’s.  
Another example of his fabrication skills is an elevator from the shop floor up to his office. (Reason: just
because!)   Metal fabrication is helped with the many lathes, milling machines, and CNC plasma cutter.
All bending fixtures such as brakes, an English wheel, bead roller and tubing bender were self-designed
and even his own powder coating equipment. All nickel and copper plate, powder and ceramic coating
were completed in his shop. Ted’s favorite response to anyone wanting a repair is “If I can’t fix it, fuck it,
it ain’t broke!!!”
Ted has built many bikes in the past, starting by designing the frames and jigs to his specifications.
DEVIL’S DEW began life in a jig with the front down plate.  When asked how he calculated the many
complex bends, Ted points to a pile of bent up tubing.  “I wish to hell I had paid more attention in high
school geometry class besides this “trial and error” crap.”  The design for the front down plate started
with a piece of soapstone and the shop floor.  Things progress fairly well, until, “Aw shit I have another
idea!!” That is heard many times in the shower, late nights, driving down the highway and sitting in the
small library at home!!  The insert can be built with wood, copper, brass or in this case LED’s that spell
out DEVIL’S DEW when lit up.  The fuel tanks inspiration was a result of the U.S.A.F. Stealth fighter.  
Good old cardboard helped line up all the angles.  Hours and hours became fenders, oil bag, tail,
headlight, turn signals and all those damn fins. The handlebars became the mount for front headlight,
hand grips, switch mounts, clutch/brake mounts, grip guards, forward controls and even the front slave
cylinder.  “Yeah, it all works!”  The oil cooler was originally polished like the slave cylinder but, took a
dive in the degreasing solution, sat for several days, and came out looking black as hell.  So, by glass
beading and powder coating a clear finish, it came out great, sometimes you just get lucky. The totally
wild in your face exhaust for the 127 C.I.D. 140 H.P. Ultima motor has the words “HELL HOLE” that any
unsuspecting citizen with the window down would also call it if a crack of the throttle caused hearing
loss and an exhaust facial. In the case of a shovelhead where the exhaust comes off, not so with the
Ultima. A slip joint was fabricated to make it user friendly. Brake rotors were on back order and Sturgis
was coming up fast.  Yep, you guessed it, Ted, made his own.
A photographer doing a photo shoot at Sturgis, AMA World Championship was overheard to say, “Man
there is so many details on this bike, I got to go get another roll of film!”  
At a local car show the “Devils Dew” took home the honors of  “best custom motorcycle”, “peoples choice
award” and “best in show”. Ted’s response to this was, “ man I got to hug all them young girls”.
Any body that is interested in buying this bike, or is in the market for a custom bikes, frames or foot
pegs can jump on his web page, badcheckchoppers.com or mail him badcheckchoppers@hotmail.com or
just call 530-253-4198.

So, what’s next for Ted Check??  Who knows, just stay tuned.

Doc Blevins