This frame will accept Panhead, Shovel and
Evo engines and Knuckleheads and
Flathead's with a front motor mount spacer.

All tubing is 1.25 OD with .120  wall  
thickness,  4130 chrome molly and all
bends use a 4.5" centerline radius. Ground
clearance will be about -+3.75 inches. This
design  frame your can have a rakish profile
if used with a higher 'Sportster' type tank
yet low enough to use a sculpted tank if
desired for a more low-down ground-hugger

This particular design is for 250mm rear tire running a 1.02" XLO chain with a dimension of 13" between the insides of the rear
frame rails so you could run a 230/240 with a 1-1/8" belt. A 2" offset motor and trans kit is required for 1.02" XLO final drive
chain if a left side drive is used and a ½' offset of transmission to the left, if right side drive transmission is used.
In the near future we
will have frames with
the hidden shock (soft
tail) for us old timers
who want a softer ride
The inserts that are in the front
down plate are removable and
can be made out of any kind of
metal, brass, polished
aluminum, iodized aluminum,
stainless steel, chromed metal
or bare metal,
which can be painted, chromed
or brass plated or even made of
wood for the woody style. There
is many possibility's, just use
your imagination. This one in
the picture above is made out of
to the rear axle covers or cut out for
the down plate. Also, we can install
LED lights with the color of your chose
behind the inserts to light up at night.  
Anyway it's pretty trick. The cost of
these inserts depends on the material
and the design you want to use.
copper. We can cut out
any stenciled type
design or you're
company name or logo
(tax deducible scoot)
or your name for that
personal touch which
can be soldered

Frames comes with blank inserts, blank  rear axle covers, rear axle and  internal  fork  stops. If you know what name or design
you want on your front down plate, you can order that when you the order the frame. Cost  varies to the material used and design
you want. You can contact us for pricing.
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